The Format Button

Today we went to the zoo!
It was sunny (and extremely cold we discovered)
and so we thought what better way to spend a Saturday.
The zoo was almost empty,
both people and animals seemed to want
to stay in where it was warm.

We did however get
to see the new baby elephant, Lily!
She is now 44 days old and weighs 440 pounds!
She is so cute.
Her and her mama, Rose-Tu were playing together.
I am not sure how much Claire understood that Lily was a baby,
but you never know.
I on the other hand was giddy at the sight of such a 
cute "little" bundle of grey, over sized ears and darling trunk.

You wouldn't doubt me if I told you I'm sure,
that I took plenty of photos of my baby looking at the other baby.
Sweet moments, great lighting,
and then...
dun dun dun

While taking photos of Claire in the tub,
I was playing around in the menu and accidentally hit format.
Did you know that when you do that it wipes
 the photos off your memory card?!
Yeah, thanks for telling me.
Apparently you can download something
that could possibly retrieve those photos if by chance they are still there.
Its a little to technical and intimidating for me,
but I may have to try it.
The photos were sweet, but not overly important, thank goodness.

There was also one of her telling the other
Tiger-admirers to "sssh" 
because the tiger was sleeping.

Oh well.

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