The First One Out

Sweet baby
Olive Parker
was the first one to arrive
out of all the pregnant mamas we know
that were due within a month.

She was born last Wednesday,
April 2,
and came quite fast! 

We are so thrilled for Marissa, Jordan and big sister Lola.
It was so, so hard not to book a plane ticket
to go and meet her.
Pictures will have to suffice for now.

My sister-in-law Lauren is officially over due.
We are so excited to officially be auntie, uncle and cousin.
I have had my phone by my side just waiting for that 
"We're at the hospital!" text! 

This was her and I at 39 weeks and 14 weeks.

Our own little baby is growing like a weed!
Its the size of a navel orange from head to bum.
It is starting to move a lot.
It started out with those beautiful little flutters,
and now I can feel rolls and kicks.
Last night I don't know if it was something I ate or what,
but it was wiggling around for over an hour!
It is my favourite part of pregnancy,
and certainly makes these waves of nausea easier to handle.

Spencer and I went on a date night Saturday 
and saw the Grand Budapest Hotel,
a Wes Anderson film.
It was so quirky and hilarious,
true to his style. 
We are turning into such old people,
the movie ended at 10 and we went right home to bed.
Hey, at least we spent the evening how we wanted to!

Sunday after church we spent the afternoon with 
Jeff and Michelle at Granville Island. 
We get to see Michelle often, but because Jeff works
evening and weekends I feel like I hardly ever see him.
It was so nice to spend time with them,
wandering around and exploring.

What have you been up to?
Has Spring sprung where you are?
What have you been doing to enjoy the nicer weather?

We got our grill up and going yesterday,
BBQ salmon on the menu tonight. 
This week we get to snuggle a new baby, Harrison,
today we hung out with Jameson,
and this weekend is jam packed with bridal shower 
for my soon to be sister-in-law! 


Second Trimester

Well, now that we've spilled the beans,
I guess its time for some kind of update. 

To be completely honest,
there isn't much to update!
I feel like we've been living the past two months in somewhat of a cave.
We have canceled plans of all kinds, 
keeping our schedule as low key as possible.
To top it off we had the flu and a cold circulating our house for a while.
We were all out of commission for some reason or another
at some time or another. 

Needless to say,
we are all ready for the winter to be over 
and will be welcoming Spring with open arms this weekend!

In the midst of it all,
Claire and I went to Edmonton for 5 days.
Our friends from Portland live there.
We stayed with Jordan, Marissa and Lola.
We were also able to see our friends James, Melissa and Alex.
It felt so good to be reunited with them.
When Claire saw James and Jordan 
(her first time since we moved),
she almost came right out of her skin.
It made me teary to see it.
Marissa was quite pregnant at the time,
and I was sick,
so we spent a lot of time watching Disney movies,
watching the girls play and catching up.
Valentine's Day Jordan brought home roses for each of the girls,
flowers for Marissa and hand delivered flowers from Spencer to me.
That night Marissa and I had a Valentine's date to get our nails done and ice cream.
I was so thankful that on the flight there I didn't have any nausea! 

We are eager for warmer weather,
lighter jackets,
spring flowers,
and babies galore!
Along with our own baby cooking away,
we have four other babies due very soon!
Our friend Marissa is due this month,
our other friend from Portland isn't due until mid-April 
but is expecting her second daughter sometime in the very near future.
My sister-in-law is carrying Claire's first cousin and is due in a couple of weeks.
And finally, our friend Edolbina who is living in the Philippines is having her baby in about 5 weeks! 

Our own baby is growing at a very fast pace.
It is about 2 and a half inches long,
about the size of a large plum.
All its vital organs and body parts are in place,
and now in the second trimester it is the maintenance phase.
All those parts will grow and get bigger.

For those of you who are curious -
the estimated date of arrival is September 24.
And YES, we will find out what we are having at the 20 week ultrasound.
There is a lot of friction about people who decide to find out the gender early.
We often hear:
"Why don't you wait for the big surprise?"
 that its life's "only real surprise left".
My two thoughts are,
did you know what you were having at 20 weeks, and then forgot at 40 weeks?
Finding out Claire was a girl at 18 weeks last time was a total surprise!
I thought FOR SURE we were having a boy.
And also, in parenting, there are MANY more surprises.
I haven't been caught off guard or surprised DAILY until I became a parent.
There are many of life's surprises ahead! 
Not always pleasant, but some truly are.
I know people who have done it both ways and said its amazing both ways.

We are really excited to meet the newest Smid.
We have spent many hours praying for this life to be,
and are so thrilled that he or she is here!


For Her Names Sake

Today would have been Grandma Claire's 83rd birthday.
Yesterday it was 14 years since her death.

I never got to meet Diane's mom, but she is spoken highly of by her
 kids, grand kids and those who knew her.
From what I've heard she was sweet, fun and full of spark.
Sound like another Claire you know?
I have heard her cookies were amazing, she rode her bike,
cheered on her grand kids at their games
and always walked into the house saying "yoo-hoo!"

We chose to name our baby after her not only because we love the name,
but because of who she was.
Someone who loved Jesus, loved her family and lived life to the fullest.
From the stories I have heard, I see similarities between the two.
Also in their looks - bright eyes (Claire actually means bright),
and a smile that seems a little mischievous.


My Hiatus...

...has been for a good reason! 

We are THRILLED to announce that baby #2 will be arriving this September! 

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. While I have been suffering from some severe morning sickness, we've also been battling the flu and cold. Needless to say the blog took a backseat. Hoping the morning sickness ends soon, and I will be posting more regularly again! 


Instagram Round Up

Sorry, I've been neglectful again.
It was my goal to do this more often because I enjoy it,
but I got distracted with life. 
Please forgive me!

If you remember,
earlier I mentioned I'd be doing the #365grateful project on Instagram. 

Here are some highlights from the past couple of weeks 
( I started a week late.)

1/ a sushi and pool date with my two favourites
2/this precious doll Marina Mae was born Jan 14. We're in love!
3/ shared a bed with this horizontal sleeper at my parents last week
4/beautiful soft pink roses from my husband.
5/got cuddles with this little babe Sophie


Happy Friday!


The Weekend

I hope you all had a very happy weekend!
This weekend is the last in a long time that we had nothing going on,
except play off football of course.

While the hubs was watching football
and the babe was napping, I took an opportunity (don't have to show it to me twice!)
and started a new book in the tub.

Spencer and I have been playing crib and drinking tea/coffee.
This was a particularly close game! I won't say who is which colour...

Claire and I reading our books together. I love how independent she is,
not always needing to be entertained. 

Before church Sunday morning while Mr. J's mommy and Spencer were
in worship rehearsal C and I got to hang out with him.
Can you tell how much fun we had? I think he liked the Bumbo.

This past Sunday was also our brother Tyler's 27th birthday.
The Broncos even won for him.
We Skyped and sang Happy Birthday.

Weekends are precious at our house.
The weeks can get so busy with work,
playdates and obligations.
But the weekend is a chance to unwind,
reconnect, gather to worship and have some fun.

What did your weekend look like?
Do you have a routine?
Fly by the seat of your pants?
Or normally packed full of fun events?