My Heart Is So Full

Two and a half weeks and I think we are getting into some kind of groove. I have this way of getting both girls and myself for a much-needed nap all at the same time. It's worked 3 out of 3 times! We get out for little walks, although my muscles still fatigue easily. The weather has been so great, I love this time if year! 

Today Claire got a scooter for $1.50 (love the thrift store!) We had a warm bowl of Pho, got outside twice and watched Elf. (I think Claire may be a Christmas girl like her Mama. I promise there has been MINIMAL brainwashing and she really does like it mostly in her own!)

Miss Jane has had trouble putting on the pounds (what a problem to have, eh?!) So the majority of my time has been nursing, bottle feeding, pumping and repeat. I try to spend the in between feeding and watering my other two people, playing and reading with Claire and somewhat keeping up on laundry. (Don't judge my bathrooms, scrubbing toilets is pretty low on my priority list these days.) I am SO thankful to a dear friend of mine who is still nursing and has been pumping for me so my supplementing can me mostly breast milk! What a precious gift. Tomorrow is another weigh in. Hopefully she is at 8 lbs! 

My mom once said "The days are long but the years are short." Gosh, I think of that everyday. It is so true. The second time around I am so content to sit and snuggle my girls. Breathing in that wonderful milk breath, kissing their cheeks, reading books over and over, sitting and staring at sleeping babies (and toddlers) and forgetting the world. It passes too fast. I know when Jane is 3 I will yearn for these sweet days just once more. It seems like so long ago Claire was this small. I want just one day to go back and smell her head and have her naked chubby body on my chest. 

Each phase is really so unique and fun. I am excited to see what the future holds for these two as sisters and as individuals, but I am certainly in no hurry! 


Spencer and I both grew up with brothers, so sisterly bonding is foreign to both of us. I think these two are getting it.

Claire is just so adoring, calling her little sister "honey" or "sister". Always looking for her when she first enters the room, pours on the affection, sings her songs and shushes her, is so proud to help give her a bottle, burp her or sing a lullaby to get her to sleep. She gives Jane multiple check ups a day with her new doctor kit, wants to hold her all the time and talks to her in the sweetest voice. She had said some sweet things about Jane, but today's quote made me smile. "Oh mommy, Jane is the perfect fit for our family!"

Jane, who spends most of her time sleeping, is really trying to figure out the world including her older sister. Jane is quite serious. When she is awake she im studies her older sister with intensity. And when she is sleeping she is content to be hold, but not squished, by her sister. 


Meet Jane

               Jane Sarina
              8 pounds 5.6 ounces
              20 1/4 inches long
                Thursday September 18

                Sweet baby Jane.
       The hours I spent crying out 
                   for you to be.
    Anger, deep sadness, frustration...
           It all seems so long ago.
             God has proven me,  
              a sinner to my core,
               wrong once again.
      His perfect timing brought us you
    and I can't imagine life without you.

      For this child I have prayed and 
          the Lord has granted the 
               desires of my heart
                   1 Samuel 1:27


Honest Parenting Post #2

As a parent we've all been here.
I know it.
However it doesn't make the moments easier.

There have been endless discussions at our house about what it means to listen and obey. Not only to Mommy & Daddy but other people too like grandparents, teachers, uncles and aunts. It seems the days can be endless reminder after reminder. 

Sometimes I think about throwing in the towel. 
Letting a snide remark slide, not saying anything after the sixteenth reminder to pick up/put away/no tantrums/no whining. 
But I know I can't.
No one ever claimed it would be easy.

This sweet darling girl of ours has such a big heart. She is so affectionate, sensitive, caring, a great helper, eager to learn, hilarious and has a wild imagination ...the list could go on.

She is also incredibly strong-willed, sassy and has high high's and low low's. We struggle with her defiance daily. We want to raise her to stand up for herself, be convicted and strong in her beliefs, not be easily swayed or pushed around. Most of these things will help her with that. We just need to channel it in a way that is pleasing and glorifying to God. We need His help to do this.

Yes, following through is so incredibly hard. Some days I loathe it. But I am reminded that God put Spencer and I in charge of these little girls. To teach, guide and help them make decisions that are responsible and good. Eventually becoming independent beings. So right now it looks like sticker charts, Popsicle rewards, trips to the park, spankings, talks, fmore talks and taking away privileges. 

On a side note- another motivator is when I'm out in the community and I see other care givers who don't follow through or discipline. It drives me crazy! 

Today, we talked lots about her first horseback riding lesson with Socks. We had gone already to meet Socks, see the barn and meet the teacher. She was really excited for this afternoon. There has also been conversation about her nap time. How important it will be to have a rest beforehand so she is bright, happy and alert while on the horse. We reminded her as the time came closer that she will need to go to sleep right away. She can't get out of bed and needs to close her eyes and when she wakes up it will be time to go. 

We were in agreement. She understood. She knew what she had to do and what would happen if she didn't do it. 

About 15 minutes later I can hear her running around upstairs. Her door opening and closing and her dresser drawers sliding open and shut.

Caught red handed.

I so, so badly wanted to go back on my word. 

I wanted to yell "Why?!" 

I cried inside.

Calmly I explained what I saw and offered her a chance for a logical (ha) explanation. Of course, there wasn't one. When I told her what it meant for her privilege to be removed she was so angry with me. She yelled at me. It hurt me. But I knew I had to stick to my guns. 

We talked about privileges, Cubbies, riding, playing with friends, etc were all extras. And if we chose not to listen and obey they would be taken away. 

Such a hard lesson to learn.

I know it won't be the last time, or the only child to learn it. 

For all the moms who know how I feel, kudos for sticking to it. It's tough and we don't give ourselves enough credit. We live in a world where it's every mother for herself, we need to change that. Bridge the gap in parenting choices and styles and pat each other on the back when it's deserved. 

You never know how much it could mean!


Human Hammock

                    37 weeks 5 days
           There isn't much room left!


Your Predictions

As baby's guess date is officially under a month away now
I thought it would be fun to do a little prediction game! 
No money involved, just for fun. 

Claire's stats were:
She was born two days early
She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces
She was 18 1/2 inches long.
Guess her name (unless you know, then don't give it away!)

This baby's stats so far are:
She is due September 24
She has been measuring within two weeks of my due date
Her heart rate has always been around 130/135, 
with the exception of one time it was in 150 range
I have had no pre-labour signs
Mother's intuition says she'll only be a few days early like her sister.

Post your guess in the comments below, 
or comment on the post of Facebook!


Our 'Backyard' Pool

(This was posted in the summer... 
Or so I thought.)

The Ladner Outdoor pool is just minutes away from our house. 
We can lather up the suncreen, throw on our suites and pile the stroller and walk there.
(Although on a particularly hot day I admittedly drove 
just to have a few minutes of air conditioning there and back.)

We do miss having a pool RIGHT in our yard like we did 
while living in Portland.