Our Story

My husband and I met when we were young. He had a year of university under his belt and I was a new graduate from highschool. He was just 19 and I a tender age of 18. We both headed up to summer camp to work as councelors. We had both spent our summers there as campers and never thought it would one day be the place we would meet our soul mate.

It wasn't love at first sight, but I knew there was something about him that I liked right away. As we got to know each other we quickly became friends and a crush developed shortly after that. It was a summer to remember. He left me wild flowers in my room with a sweet note. He held me hand at an Asian Night Market, and I fell head over heels for a tall, curly haired boy that drove a VW Golf. By the middle of the summer he became my boyfriend.

He was a varsity athlete and spent most of his time at practice or on the road. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. But all that missing him brought me to say "I love you" shortly after we had started dating and I knew within a couple of months that I would never have another boyfriend again.

We dated for two and a half years before he proposed to me in that very place we first met. On December 29th we tied the knot. It has been a roller coast whirl wind, and one I wouldn't trade for the world. During our dating we lived an hour apart. Spencer was busy in school, playing football and even working and we typically only saw each other on weekends. It was a big change to be together every day. The first couple of years we both did plenty of adjusting and growing. Learning each others idiosyncrasies and tendencies.A few years after we were married, and after a few attempts of applying for physiotherapy school, we decided to pack up all of our belongings and move to Portland, Oregon.

There began the best journey of our lives so far. Spencer embarked into a four year program to become a doctor of chiropractics, planning to do it in three years (and successfully so.) This is where we began our family, with me becoming pregnant just a month after we moved there. We met an amazing, unique group of students and their families there that will always leave an imprint on our hearts. We joined an amazing church family in Gresham, Oregon that has vastly affected our spiritual journey and freeing and challenging us in many ways in our walk with Christ and how we view a church family. After the three years came and went we moved back to Canada.

Spencer is now working as a chiropractor. I love hearing him come home each day with the excitement and joy of facilitating the healing of his patients. He sees results, his patients see results and he is gaining huge trust, referrals and client base in our community. It is so amazing to be out and have people rave about Dr. S and how great they feel.

During this time we both had a tough journey we didn't see coming. It hit us hard, but I took it the worst. With our dear first daughter. We thought we wanted to get pregnant... and then I was. This time we were expecting similar results. Not so much. I began an incredibly long and tough battle with my thyroid. I have congenital hypothyroidism and it was really messing with me. It took 18 long months of trying. Bottom line, my faith was rocked to its core. Would I, like Job, still turn to God and praise Him despite my trials? My goodness was it ever hard, and I failed so many times. I was hurt and angry and I want Him to know it. Finally, on January 15th of last year I received the positive test I had been praying for. I wish I could tell you that in that moment my faith was restored and even better than before. In that moment you bet I rejoiced. I cried many tears of thanksgiving. It hasn't been until the last few months that I can honestly say my faith has been completely restored and it took a lot of work. My soul overflows with eucharisto with my two daughters, my husband and all that we have been blessed with. And I pray that in the future I will be able to dance with praise in the face of any trial I face.

That is me, in a very large nutshell. Through this blog I am opening myself up to you, please tread carefully with your critique and judgement. I am baring my world to you, handle with care.