A Letter for Jane at One Year Old

your name means God has been gracious.
And He has.
He has been gracious with us 
as we waited impatiently for you
to be knit together in my womb.
He was gracious with us,
because He gave us you in His perfect time despite
our anger, confusion and foolishness.
Your arrival was sweet.
When they placed you on my chest,
I whispered to you,
"I've waited so long to meet you."
I didn't just mean while you were growing inside me.
I also meant the countless nights
I lay awake dreaming, praying and crying for you to be.

And now,
here you are,
a year old already.
You are an incredible baby.
Your temperament has evolved from
quiet and observant;
to talkative and interactive.
You are still so easy going,
so incredibly happy
and rarely get upset without reason.

You are beginning to
see that you can stand up for yourself.
Giving a squawk or screech 
when you are being annoyed,
or want something that someone else has.
Straight up - you're a slapper.
It's your crazy way of showing affection.
Hitting someone in the face.
Not the most appreciated way,
but you do it anyway.

You aren't free with your kisses,
but when you're in a kissy mood everyone loves it.
You love to cuddle.
From day one you would lay your
head on a chest or shoulder
and love to just be there.

Some of your favourite things
to do are be outside and have a bath.
Baby dolls are usually your favourite toys.
You will put them on your shoulder and pat their backs and say "Ssshh."
You also love the toy cellphone,
or making anything into a toy phone,
and chat away.

Your favourite hobby is most likely eating. 
Homemade popcicles, noodles.
fruit, ground beef and chicken are in the top favourite.
Sharing food is also a favourite,
especially if its already been in your mouth.
Grabbing ice cubes out of water is fun too.

Jane, you are amazing.
You bring so much joy to our lives.
Daddy, Claire and I think you are 
such a beautiful person inside and out.
We are enamored with you! 
You are funny, smart, calm and kind.
We love you so much Jane.
We are so thankful that God knows best,
and His timing brought us you!

Love Mom and Dad

Some photos from the day.

Jane's dedication to the Lord at our church service last Sunday morning.

Following the service we had a garden party for Jane in our backyard.

Thanks to Sweet Ellie Belle Cookies for these beauties! 

Just about walking!

Time for cake!

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