Sick Car and Sick Kid

Not sure if I blogged this before,
but on December 11th Claire and I were in 
a car accident.
Not our fault,
only minor injuries resulted.
(For myself, and we thought the car, thankfully not C-Bear.)

We just found out this week,
that what we thought was very minor damage
to the front bumper
ended up being very major damage to the frame of the car.
It's a Total Loss.
A Write Off.

Now we're on the hunt for another vehicle.
Here's what I think hope we'll get:

But we'll probably get something like this:

or this 

Another Passat wagon or sedan. 

Meanwhile, while we were dealing with our sick car,
American insurance,
adjusters and rental cars,
I had a baby with a very long lasting cold.
Finally I trusted my motherly instinct and took to see Doc.
He ordered x rays to rule anything out.
It came back...
Poor thing.
Now its rest and antibiotics.
Hopefully she'll kick it for good soon.

We're planning to go to the zoo tomorrow,
and lay low other then that.

What about you?

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  1. Poor peanut, trusting the medicine will clear what has been hanging on for so long. Hugs from Nana to Miss C. Bear


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