It's A Girl!

the Asian elephant at the Oregon Zoo,
had her baby girl on November 30th.
A whopping 300 lbs!
The public gets to vote on her name:
Jaidee (Thai for “good-hearted”)
Sirikit (name for Thai royalty, literal meaning is “glorious”)
Rakhi (Sanskrit for “love/bond between siblings”)
Lily (following the flower theme of mom’s name, Rose-Tu, or Rose for short)
Siddhi (Sanskrit for “perfection”; wife of Ganesha)

I voted for Lily, I love that name!

Elephants are my favourite zoo animal,
I hope one day if Coco owns a zoo
(is that still the plan?)
she will have lots of elephants.
I was so excited to learn that Rose-Tu 
would be having her baby soon.

We were at the zoo on Saturday,
but the elephant exhibit was closed.
I can't wait to take Claire to meet the new baby.

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