This fall I am obsessing over this look.

Love 'em.
Can't get enough 
of 'em

There are so many choices....
There's a more traditional look

Super cute BOOTY ones

There's a twist on the Converse All-Star
(no thank you)

And these uber trendy designer ones
(again, no thank you)

But these...
these I could slip my little toesies into.
These would keep my feet warm and cozy.

I DO have my lovely Johnny Depp slippers
that Debbie gave me back in '05.
Don't get me wrong,
there's nothing I like better 
then Johnny smiling at my heels all day.
He's there for me in the morning when I roll outta bed,
smiling at my in his pirate costume
holding up his revolver.
But, I think my chilly big toes that are
poking through the top have
been really wanting me to just
break down and get some new slippers.

I think these are going on my Wish List!

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  1. omg, you should come to winnipeg and go to the forks. they have wicked knee high boot ones! but they are like almost $300!! otherwise i would so own a pair!


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