Today I'm Missing...

- Edolbina (her and her husband, Andrew, are currently living in Israel)

- my husband (no breaks from school today)

- being pregnant (those precious kicks and bumps)

- the Coastal Mountains nestled next to the ocean (a.k.a. Vancouver)

- the smell of salt water in the air

- pool days

- the good ol' days when I didn't have to do loads of laundry every.single.day

- the sound of the ferry horn as I drift off to sleep

- camping (I'd really like to try and go soon)

Kind of a random list, but this morning its rather gray and I am really craving warm weather. We are expecting it to be in the high 70's later this week. But I think it is still too cold to go swimming, but maybe not for camping?! Spring is here, the days are longer, my tulips are in bloom and I am just itching for shorts-and-tank-top weather!

What are you missing today?

1 comment:

  1. I'm missing Portland Smid's today! Warm weather would be great as well, not sure about camping but a big yes to shorts and tank tops.


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