Above 70

Today was a wonderful, warm
sunshiney day.
We were outside this afternoon,
wearing summer clothes and flip flops.

This evening we had a BBQ with some friends from school
in our backyard.
The kids ran amuck 
(I mean this literally, the backyard was so muddy!)
while the adults were sprawled on blankets and lawn chairs
enjoying salad and turkey burgers.
We held each others babies,
talked about hockey (of course)
and school (of course).

Later on the three of us packed up the stroller
and headed to the MacIntyre's
and went for a walk/waddle
(Marissa is 35 weeks pregnant!)
It felt so good to be outside enjoying the sun
well into the evening.

We left their place with mixed emotions.
After enjoying a weekend with good friends,
we realized how much we are going to miss them once school is done.
We have been so focused on the end,
on returning home,
on life as a graduate,
that we seem to have somewhat forgotten
the life we will be saying good bye too.
The tea dates, walks to Target,
backyard BBQs, pool days.
Hockey and pizza nights, 
exploring Portland and Happy Hour menus.
Talking about school,
talking about babies,
planning life around school schedules and finals.
Having Spencer's flexible schedule.

All these things we will be mourning
in just a short year and a half.
For now I am going to soak up
every second of daily life with these
people we have come to know as good friends
and promise myself that I won't let distance change a thing.

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