7th Quarter

Wow, wow, wow.
Where did the time go?
Spencer is in his 7th quarter,
and I have a baby who is eight and a half months old?

Our trip to Mexico
is now a fun memory
which our brown skin reminds us of daily.
We've returned to Portland
and we are trying to embrace the rain.
Although the sunny weekend
was such a tease for the season to come.
BBQs, baseball games and walks.

My brother and sister-in-law,
Matt and Lauren,
came down for a visit this past weekend.
We took full advantage of the gorgeous spring weather
and spent the majority of it outside.
We went to the Gorge and visited a few of the falls,
and drive along the scenic Old Highway.
We played outside and had a late night BBQ and drank cold beer.

This week brings us:
- tulips in bloom
- sleep training Claire (please pray for us!)
- MOPS today
- dress pants and a dress shirt for Spencer
- a test, already
- enjoying an old neighbor who is back in town
- organizing and purging of closets
- stroller walks with Maddie
- feeling the hiccups of Baby MacIntyre
- drinking tea and playing Quiddler

{What does your week look like?}

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