It's You... Vancouver

Watching this video made me 
feel SO home sick.
Ever since we left our beautiful city,
I have missed it.
The salty ocean air,
the snow capped mountains surrounding the city.
Nothing beats it.

When we first moved here,
I would brag about Vancouver
and be utterly appalled when I heard
that many people had never been there.
I am very proud of the city that I am from. 

Really, nothing beats visiting Vancouver 
on a summer day, 
like the one pictured here in this video.
However, I do feel like they did not fairly portray
Vancouver and its surrounding cities.
There simply is not enough rain!
{In the video, not the city.}
They could have had commuters with umbrellas,
and coffee shop dwellers all cozy inside with their 
warm beverages as the rain drums on the windows.
I don't think it would make Vancouver seem less appealing.

To be honest with you guys,
I have hit a bit of a wall.
I am getting the urge to move home,
and this video did not help me!
I miss being close to friends and family,
I miss Vancouver.
Portland is a fun city to live in,
don't get me wrong.
And we have so much more to explore!
We have been so, so blessed 
with an amazing group of friends here.
Ones I truely believe will be on our lives
for a very long time.

I just need to push through this hump.
It's like a Wednesday, y'know?
Half way to the weekend,
and we are halfway to the finish {graduation} line!

For now, I am just going to watch
this video over again
to get my Vancouver fix until our next visit back home.

{What do you love about your city?}


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