Another Piece to the Puzzle

Today we saw our future home
A sweet, old lady names Pat showed us around our new digs
It's as old as my brother, 22 years.
The carpets are grey and appliances...
Well, I am very greatful for the appliances I have now.

It's got a great open concept
Where only a post seperates the kitchen, dining room and living room
It's on the ground floor and the small patio outside opens up onto a lawn
Which backs onto a really quiet neighbourhood
Oh, sorry.
I guess I have to spell it neighborhood now.

There's a pool, hot tub and gym on the facilities.
We have heard only great things about the Manager, Josh.
And apparently as Western States they call it the "Dormatory"
because quite a few of the students live there as well.
Spencer's old teammate Alex also lives there.
We saw him today and had a good visit.

So we signed the papers and handed over the dough
Already my mind is whirling over which wall the bed will go against,
which pictures will be hung on which walls,
and whether or not I will be able to replace/fix up the light fixture in the dining room.


After a fine meal of Subway we headed downtown to the
Interesting name, considering it's open Sundays as well.
It is really big and right on the river.
Today Spencer bought me a ring!
It is a turquoise stone set in a band with cool designs on the sides.
I love it.
There are so many unique booths selling anything from hats, belts, crafts, pottery to electronics, T shirts, soaps and tie dye of various sorts.
Today a gentleman had oodles of pottery he was selling for - get this -
$1.00 and $5.00.
Yup, I asked him "Are you crazy?!"
He laughed and said, "Maybe."
After our brief conversation, I decided that he was.
He said there is a "25 000 year warranty but you won't need to worry about it."
Then he took a piece of smashed it as hard as he could on the table.
It didn't even chip.
I walked away with a beautiful bowl.

Following our afternoon at the market
Spencer and I drove through the lovely countryside to Happy Valley
Do you remember this post?
Where I told you about Bev, and her son in Portland?
Well, that is who we went to see in Happy Valley!
Verner and his wife Meagan, and there two kids (Ethan,7 and Gwenyth,5)
invited us over for dinner, drinks and dessert.
I was a bit nervous to go, as I have only ever emailed her and chatted on the phone once.
We were kind of "set up" by her mother-in-law.
Spencer was skeptical as he didn't know anything at all about them.

Well, we were both pleasantly surprised.
Verner is 36 and Meagan is 29.
They are an amazing Christian couple with whom we share many values and views with.
We talked about their church and what Spencer and I are looking for.
We talked about family, which we were also on the same page with.
Love and happiness is evident in their home,
the way in they interact with each other and with their kids.
There were lots of hugs and kisses,
laughing and Christ-centered.
Of course the guys talked about sports.
And the main topic of conversation was chiropractic schooling.
Verner graduated from the same school 11 years ago.
He and Spencer discussed different theories, methods and practices.
Business, marketing and family life of a chiropractor.
They both offered good advise and insight both to schooling,
church life, parenting and living in the Portland area as Christians.

It feels good to be moving down here knowing
that we have a Christian couple that we can call up.
They were real, humble, genuine and we appreciate that.


Tonight we crawled into our KING SIZED bed at 8:30
and here we have remained.
Watching TV, reading blogs, checking Facebook
and drinking beer.
(Well, Spencer is drinking the beer.)
Today has been full and we are tired.
Tomorrow we are off to the bank to open an account and hand in our Visa papers to the school.
Just a few more pieces added to the Portland Puzzle!
Looking forward to a Wilcox visit tomorrow!


Goodnight from Portland

Portland in the evening. Mt. Hood in the background.

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  1. Darling,
    this post made me cry. I think its because now this is real. Youre leaving us. You will be so so missed. I am also so happy for you and excited for this next chapter in your life. But I will miss you every day. Im already plotting which weekends we can come see you guys!


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