There is something about watching love
Watching happiness.
You can see it in the eyes, the gate of a walk,
the twinkle, the dimple
The slow upturn of the lips.

Something about watching love,
watching happiness
Makes a heart flutter.
It brings on a smile.
Or maybe even a tear.

Sharing in that moment of joy
When you see two lovers reunite in a film
Or loved ones greet each other in the Arrivals at the airport
A baby smile at the sound of Mom's voice
A dag wag its tail when the leash is brough out
Or loved ones sharing their vows and commiting to a lifetime together.

Something about it
Witnessing it
Sharing in it


Here is a beautiful example of Love and Happiness.
A Gorgeous wedding that took place in the Canadian Rockies.
It makes you want to go canoeing, or hug someone.
Just watch it, you'll be glad you did.

*If you watch the video and look at their pictures. I think you will notice how the groom can't stop crying.
There is something really endearing about that, isn't there?!*

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