Small World

There is a place I go to get all my kinks worked out.
This wonderful lady, Bev, has magic finger tips.
In just 20 minutes she can transform me.
Make me feel brand new.
She works as a massage therapist
and boy is she good at it.
When I need a little pick me up
She is there (for a small fee) to make
me feel better.
She can thread through the tissue of my achey muscles
and work out the little kinks and knots.
Today her and I began chatting about things
of the massage therapy nature when
I was telling her about Spencer's Chiropractic school
and how we were drawn to its holistic perspective of the trade.
It was then she told me that her son is a Chiropractor
and he went to school in Portland.
Well, well, well.
What a small world.
He met his wife in Portland and they still live there.
Bev just got that much cooler.

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