Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day.
I was woken up when Jane fell off her chair in the dining room.
It was 8am - pure bliss!
Jane was okay, I think.
I never got out of bed to check. 
Shortly after Claire, Jane and Spencer
woke me up with coffee from Stir,
half a croissant, half a cinnamon bun and half a muffin.
 I had the first two. 
After showering me with a spa gift certificate (thank you honey),
and a lovely homemade card handwritten by Claire
I took a hot bath with bubbles and read my book,
drinking my coffee HOT.
Such a treat and a fantastic way to start the day.

The afternoon was spent lazily wandering along
the waterfront of Vancouver.
Taking in the sights, the smells, 
the warm sunshine and watching the girls chase pigeons,
run through muddy puddles and pick flowers.
(Some wild, others not.)

Very exciting way to go downtown - the train was fun. Claire really likes to try and blend in as a city girl.

Finding ways to play games no matter where we are. Hide and seek in a small garden, or tag by the Drop.

We enjoyed watching the planes take off and land in the water.

We ended our time in the city with dinner at
a favourite date night location to share with the girls.
It was the perfect day.

Today was the Mother's Day tea at Claire's school.
They sang us songs, made placemats, flower jars, a craft and a great card.
We had special treats and they served us juice.
There wasn't a dry eye in the place, even the teachers cried! 
Such sweet children. I felt so loved.

This was a poem Claire's teacher read. All the moms were laughing because it is so true.

My favourite part - I am 50 pounds and 30 feet tall. Yup, sounds about right. 

My mom helps me get my lunch ready.
My mom looks the prettiest when goes out for dates.
My mom makes the best food.
My mom is good at cooking contests. (Love that one!) 

It's true that Mother's Day is important and worth celebrating.
As a mom I often end the day very tired,
and I have been everything from a human Kleenex,
punching bag, sometimes even a toilet, definitely a garbage can.
First aid, referee, chef and chauffeur.
The list of things that I, along with millions of other mothers around the world,
do is very long.
And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole entire world.
I love being their mother.
It is truly my calling.
It makes these long days where I feel unappreciated, used and abused
worth it when those grubby little hands hold my face and kiss me.
Or hearing them say they love me "the whole world and back-a-the-moon."
Being their mom is simply the best.

But the reason I am writing this blog post
isn't to brag about my amazing day
or that I have the world's best kids.
It is to turn it back to the One who orchestrated it all.
The One who set the wheels into motion
to plan it all so perfectly. 
He was the One who placed each of my babies into my womb.
Who decided Spencer and I to be the parents to the sweet little girls.
Who knit them carefully within me,
gave me the courage and strength to endure
pregnancy and childbirth.
After months (and months and months) of trying for our second,
the heartbreak that goes along with that,
He gifted us with our Jane in of course, His perfect timing.

Then there is their daddy.
My husband.
He deserved big thanks too.
Almost perfect, completely reliable, dependable,
tried and true.
He has been by my side every step of the way.
I am the mother I am because of him.
He supports me in so many ways
and I am proud to say he shares parenting duties with me.
He genuinely wants to be the dad that is around,
helpful and I am so proud that my girls
have a role model of a man that participates 
in the home and raising them.
Raising strong women is a big job for dads
just as much as moms and he is amazing at it.
(Photos by Claire!)

Thank you
to my family for a wonderful day.
I am so blessed! 

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