Tour De Delta

One of my favourite things 
about where we live is the sense of community.
When there is a community event the whole town
comes together to watch, support and cheer.

Tour De Delta is no exception.
It is a summer highlight,
alongside the Ladner Market.
The streets fill with spectators and their cow bells.
The tour runs through North Delta on Friday,
Ladner on Saturday and Tsawwassen on Sunday.

The whole town buzzes with excitement.
Earlier in the day I was out walking with the girls
and we couldn't help but feel excited 
watching people set up for the event.
Everyone we passed on the street 
would greet each other and ask,
"Are you watching the race today?"

We don't know very much about the sport,
but we enjoy getting caught up in the excitement 
and cheering on the bikers as they whiz past.
When the anthem was sung I felt a sense of pride
for the nation we live in,
and the town I get to call my home.

The race is near our house,
so we grabbed a couple of chairs and walked
down the street to cheer.
We don't have a cow bell,
but we brought along Claire's little bell to ring.

I am so thankful that we get to raise our girls
 in this wonderful little place.
This community, the way we come together,
is what I want for my family.
These weekends are great reminders of that.

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  1. I love our town as well. A wonderful community to call home


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