Riding Socks

Claire began riding lessons again this summer.
We went back with Miss Becky as West Wind Stables in Ladner.
Becky is an incredibly patient instructor. 
She has heard what Claire's favourite colours are mutliple times,
among other random facts about Claire and our family.

Claire loves Socks and often claims ownership to her.
Socks is quiet, kind and gentle.
Claire's favourite skill of Socks, is that she can cough and fart at the same time.

Jane and I love coming to the barn as well.
Its dusty and dirty,
but it is warm and welcoming.
Jane absolutely loves seeing Socks and gets very excited whenever she gets close.
She even touched her nose a couple of times last week.
She gave it a little tap and was so proud of herself.

The left is Jane at two months getting a kiss from the horse Eva. Centre is Claire on socks.
Right is Jane looking at Claire riding Socks.

Claire has grown in her confidence around horses just as I was hoping she would.
When we first went to meet Socks, Claire was just over 3. 
She wouldn't even pet her.
By the end of her first 6 lessons that ended in December,
she gave Socks a carrot with a glove on.

This time she marched in the barn like she owned the place.
(If you know Claire you know exactly the strut I am talking about!)
Afterwards she grabbed the brush and was walking around 
Socks without any fear or hesitation.
It really made my heart so happy and I felt incredibly proud.
If she continues to enjoy riding and wanting to go,
we will encourage it.
Riding offers physical benefits or balance, a strong core and good posture.
But it also gives the rider confidence, poise and the responsibility
of caring deeply for an animal and its well being.

Thank you Becky for letting us ride your beautiful horse and enjoy your barn each week.

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