Honey Stick Threads Give Away *WINNER*

Congrats to Amy for winning the summer romper!

It was about 6 months ago that I first heard of Betsy,
the owner and founder of Honey Stick Threads.
She had been selling some items on VarageSale
and I purchased a slouchy toque and matching scarf.
Immediately, I fell in love with her product.

Adorable fabrics,
cute patterns and
 quality product for a fair price.
Supporting another local mom is always an added bonus!

Everywhere I went Jane was getting complimented
on her adorable accessories.
I happily told them about 
Betsy and passed along her information.

Betsy was kind of enough to share with us their journey
of creating and starting Honey Stick Threads.
Read on below to see what they are all about!

"I started Honey Stick Threads a few months after I had my daughter Lily. I’ve always had a passion for sewing and creating, but when Lil’ came along, I decided that I wanted to make clothes for her. I saw so many hip little outfits on Instagram and I thought, “I can do this, I should start making my own stuff!” and I decided to give it a go. 

I sourced some cute fabrics online and did a lot of research on working with different materials. Soon after I was on my way, whipping up cute Harem pants with matching infinity scarves. Almost as soon as I started making the clothes, people started showing interest in what I was doing. I was urged by family members and friends to try and sell my creations. I began by selling my clothes on VarageSale, and eventually branched out and started my own website.  

Sewing is something that I do as a creative outlet, but I also find that it’s therapeutic for me. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of fitting all of the scraps together to make a complete piece. I’m always looking to see what else I can offer. It all started with Harem pants and infinity scarves, but now I make shorties, hoodies, headbands and a plethora of other kinds of clothing. I also have some great ideas looming for autumn.

My partner and I have also discussed the possibility of silk screening our own t-shirt and pattern ideas.  Justin is a graphic designer and illustrator who has already created some prints for Honey Stick Threads. Namely the pattern for my Organic Cotton Fruity Shorties and the “Big Poppa” t-shirt. We've been brainstorming some fun t-shirt and pattern ideas that should be coming out soon.

I like to say that I dress vicariously through my daughter. I make her clothing with prints that I myself, would totally rock. I love leopard prints and other wacky stuff, so when something jumps out at me the urge to create something takes over. I also follow trends and try to make them available. Really, I aim to please. If someone has something in mind, I will hunt a pattern down that suits both their idea and my style.

I’m quite happy with all of the local business that I’m getting, but I like to push myself and am looking to branch out further.  I hope to be a part of local markets in the near future. Also I am planning on selling to the United States soon as well.

It’s hard to say where Honey Stick Threads will be in 5 years.  Justin and I have plans to expand our family and I’m not sure how I’d handle the workload with two little people in tow.  I currently work full time outside of ­­­­the home. I sew at nap-time and after my daughter is in bed. In the meantime however, I’m going to keep doing what I love and see where it takes me. I advertise mainly on Social Media (Instagram and Facebook), but most of my business has been generated by word-of-mouth and I’m very appreciative of that."

Thanks for sharing with us Betsy! 
We hope to see you at the local markets
and wish you all the best as your business grows.
Just An Ordinary Family is happy to share
the amazing items you are creating and can't wait to see what
is in store for us next.

 In the photos our sweet Jane
is sporting Honey Stick Threads romper.
It is so adorable and she has had loads of compliments on it!
She is a crawling, furniture surfing, beach going baby
and it is perfect for all occasions.
In the fall I plan to put a jean jacket over top
to make it last another season.

Today is the big release for the romper! 
Want to win one for yourself? 
Head on over to Instagram and follow these 
simple steps:

1) Follow Just An Ordinary Family
Honey Stick Threads

2) Like the photo

3) Share the photo with the hashtag #hstrompergiveaway

Want another chance to win?
Tag 3 friends in 1 comment on the photo in my account. 
(More than one comment, or more than three tags are appreciated 
but still only count for one additional entry.)

Contest will run all weekend and the winner will be announced on Monday morning 
at 10 am PST.

Good luck!

To keep up to date on what
Honey Stick Threads is creating
follow her on

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