Summer Vacation

This summer we are keeping it 
local for vacations.
We will be camping a couple of weekends,
and we went to Sun Peaks for a week.
Our friends Michelle, Jeff and their baby Isla joined us.
Howard and Diane came as well.

We did a whole lot of nothing,
and a whole lot of everything.
Walks to the park,
ice cream and the Sunday market.
A small hike before the storm rolled in
and then watching an hours long thunder and lightening storm
from the safety of the indoors.
We went to the lake and the pool to keep cool.

We cuddles on the couch watching Full House,
 ("house full" as Claire calls it.)
We had BBQs and
consumed an insane amount of watermelon.
We went in the hot tub several times a day
as well as enjoyed the massage chair nicknamed Roxanne,
to unwind.

Michelle and I tried the Mountain Cross Carts.
Downhill go karting powered only by gravity!
Jeff and Spencer enjoyed a round of golf.

It was a relaxing weekend
and a wonderful time spent with friends.

A walk to the park in the red wagon.

Big sister taking her turn, what a great idea...right?

Hang on a second, Nana didn't get her turn in the wagon.

 This was just way too cute. I could hardly handle it.

Pool side babe.

Claire made best friends with Rapunzel quite quickly.

And Spiderman found his mini-me.
These two chased each other around the village scaling walls. So cute.

Storm watching.

Early morning sunrise.

This poor deer got caught in the parking lot and couldn't find his way out.

Claire did the bungee trampoline again.
So proud of my adventurous girl who did 6 back flips! 

 In the evening when Diane sat down to upload her photos, Jane was so intrigued by her lap top.

 Our little fashionista.

Time for a bath in the sink! 

Making bracelets. Craft kits are always a hit.

Plenty of games, plenty of relaxing.
Some baking for the cookie-monster,
and fun to be had at the cabin.

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