Jane: 9 months

Jane is 9 months
and actually closer to 10 months.
Of course, I am behind in posting photos.

Jane, you continue to be a happy and content baby.
You are almost always smiling.
You are getting a bit of a voice and let us know when you are unhappy,
or fed up of being handled by your older sister.

Your eyes are blue like the ocean.
Your skin is olive and tanned.
Your hair has lightened with the summer sun 
and is beginning to get wispy curls in the back.

You like to make people laugh,
but aren't quite sure what to do with yourself 
when everyone turns to look at you.
You will tuck your head to the side and peer out of the corner of your eyes.

You like to talk and have the sweetest voice.
You can say "dada", "nana" and "hi."
You have even put two together,
saying "Hi Dada!" which makes our hearts melt.

You have two teeth on the bottom which have been there for three months.
We had a good break from teething but are working hard on the top ones now.
Having only two teeth does not hold you back from eating.
Like your sister, you love to eat.
Your favourites are ground beef, chicken and watermelon.
If we give you a chicken or rib bone you will eat it clean! 
You are thoroughly enjoying trying new foods,
and enjoy almost everything.

You can couch surf like a pro.
It is quite amazing how much ground you can cover in just a moment.
You have been mobile for some time,
squirming, pulling and scooting.
You have officially started crawling recently,
in the same funny monkey crawl your sister did.
We have put up baby gates, cause girl you are on the move! 

You are growing so fast!
You are in the upper 65-75 percentile for height and weight.
You can wave, point and clap.
You also clap your hand over your mouth to make funny sounds.

You get scared by loud noises,
and startle easily.
You are are quiet and reserved,
but when you are comfortable you can be a real goof ball!
Your eyebrows are so expressive! 

You absolutely delight in your sister.
The way you look at her melts my heart.
You are just beginning to try and copy things that she does.
Although you are generally very cuddly and affectionate,
you only show it on your terms.
When Claire responds in the robust, full-of-love way she does,
you immediately pull back and push her away.
It is very sweet to watch you approach her and lay your head on her,
hug her or even kiss her.
If we can get Claire to embrace it without returning it,
it can last a few minutes and is so sweet to watch.

I am so thankful for you and your sister, Jane.
I am so happy that you have each other and each have a sister.
I pray that you each grow to be kind to one another,
support each other and become each others best friends.
Watching your relationship evolve has brought me such joy.
Your daddy and I are so proud of you.

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  1. Oh precious Jane Papa and I love you so very much. You make our hearts sings


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