Celebrating Pake

On July 4th Spencer's grandpa
celebrated his 80th birthday surrounded by family and friends.
We  had a dinner on Friday night with his children, their children and their children's children.
That makes 4 generations celebrating one amazing dad, Pake and Super Pake. 
(A Beppe and Pake is grandma and grandpa in Dutch-Fresian,
which is where Howard's dad is from.)
On Saturday there was an open house 
where friends and family came to wish John a happy birthday.

On Friday night Pake John gave a warm and touching speech
telling us about our Lord Jesus' love for us.
This is one of my favourite things about him.
In every conversation he is sure to remind us that
Jesus loves us and affirms the love of Christ.
Isn't that what grandparents are for? 
He talked about how although his body may be deteriorating,
he still feels like a teenager inside!
Of course that got some laughter,
although I don't doubt for a moment that what he said is true.

Pake always has a sparkle in his eye.
He has a mischievous grin and loves teasing. 
One of my favourite stories is of him putting fruit stickers up inside the 
hood fan to see how long it would take Grandma to notice they were there.

Here are some photos of our time together celebrating Super Pake.

4 of the 7 great grandchildren that belong to Super Pake and G.G.

Just how many is 80, Super Pake?! 

Howard and his two sisters each had three boys. That's a total of 9 grandsons! 
I think these two grandma's are delighted to have girls to balance out the boys.

There's a first time for everything! Jane gets her first taste of cake.

Papa and his girl Jane.

Is it any surprise that Claire is in the middle of the circle singing a song? 

G.G. and Super Pake with their 7 great grandchildren. 4 boys and 3 girls.

This is one of my favourite photos from that day. Two beautiful girls.

The little ones love the trains, and I think the grown grandsons still do too.

Their garden is always a beautiful sight.

Happy Birthday John!
We love you.

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