In Review: She Reads Truth App

My friend sent me a text message a couple of weeks ago telling me about this great app she had discovered called She Reads Truth. It is an app that has the Bible (in various translations), devotionals and other tools such as a place to keep notes and bookmarks.

Immediately I went to download it and I chose my first reading plan. 

 I chose This Is the Bible and I am on day 9, the last day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt like it was a great place to begin. Already I am looking forward to choosing my next plan. 

What I love is that it is on my phone, which is (almost) always near me if not on me. The Word of God quite literally at my finger tips. How blessed am I?! You can set up an alert that reminds you to read. This feature I particularly love because with my mind constantly in several places at once and my attention often split it is hard for me to remember that I need to sit down and focus for 20 minutes. This gives me the reminder and most of the days I am able to sit down within a few minutes and read.  If not, it is a reminder to do it soon. I am not one of those wonderful morning people who can wake up before the rest of the family to do devotions. I need (and love) my sleep!

The other thing I love is the search bar at he top. This allows you to type in any word and topic and it searches the Bible for you! 

Most of the devotionals cover Old Testament and New, they are well written by a woman for women and they are the perfect length. Since downloading this I have noticed myself using the Bible as a tool throughout the day and spending more time reading and referencing.

This app is free and available through the App Store. I am sure it is also available through Google Play as well. 

She Reads Truth is on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Happy reading!

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  1. After reading this post I downloaded the App and am in love with it! Working through the Hymn series. Very co. Thanks! -Ruth


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