Photo Stream

Having a phone with a great camera is 
such a great tool. It's also kind of a curse.
It is always in my back pocket but I have to make sure 
I am intentional about taking out my nice camera too! 

Here are some photos of some Smid adventures from the past couple of months. 

One of my favourite things of all time is watching these two play together. 

Ssssh, don't wake the baby. She loves to cuddle, so do I! This is our favourite way to do that and still play with big sis and get stuff done. 

Claire at AWANA 

I can't tell you how many times 'Buddy' has absolutely scared the pants off me!

We love our time with Isla Isabelle Cutie Patootie 

Charlotte Diamond concert with her bestie for M's birthday 

Love our morning cuddles so much. 

Headed to Moms and Babes sing-a-long. 
Don't worry, Buddy is in her backpack. 

Uncle Ty gets to read the girls their bedtime stories.

Our girls only 'Super Bowl Party' (no TV on)

Ice skating and lunch with grandma, great grandparents, auntie and cousin. 

Jane behind the wheel

Swim lessons! Little Salamander. 

Valentine's Day date to see Ben Howard

Friends learning a servants heart. Helping clean up after a church shower. 

Claire's favourite past time, eating at a restaurant. At Sophie's Cosmic Cafe on West 4th in Vancouver.

The start of our Portland vacation! 

New discoveries. The Vancouver Aquarium

Picnic at Prospect Point, Stanley Park

Sitting up all on her own!

Fun with sidewalk chalk! Love the imagination at this age! 

Finally printed off some family photos for my frames.

Jameson isn't exactly sure what Jane is for, but he likes her crinkly toys!

There you have it! A condensed version of the 1100+ photos on my phone! 

We spend great time with friends and one cute kids! We microwave coffee too many times, we cuddle, read and play. We had some amazing weather, a couple of vacations and even three dates since the new year.

This is going to sound silly, but often I am asked what the three of us girls get up to and I honestly can't think of how to answer that. Do I state the mundane things that take up the majority of my time like practicing counting and letter sounds? Practicing patience while letting my three year old spread her own peanut butter on toast? Changing dirty diaper, sometimes taking no shower and other says taking more than one bath? Swim lessons, Cubbies and play dates? 

Or do I speak of this highlight reel. That is so fun, holds great memories but is not a fair representation of our day to day life? Being home with these girls means so much to me. I love the mundane just as much, if not more, than the times we get to go to the aquarium. But yet when I say it, I feel self-conscious. Like somehow being their care taker, teacher, helper and play mate isn't quite enough. 

Can anyone else relate?


  1. Sadly, I think our culture is what leads us to feel inadequate as "only" a stay at home mom, when really, what tougher, more hands on, fly by the seat of your pants, job is there?

    Also, the picture with the face painting...oh my goodness, it just gives me this vision of Claire, all grown up, as a young woman. Those photos are so bittersweet.

    Love it all, Michelle. You are such an amazing example to your girls.

    1. Thanks Lisa <3 It is a tough job! And a messy one at that. I am currently on my third pair of pants for the day. haha.

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