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Upon recommendations from a couple of people
I ordered myself a copy of 
Praying Circles Around Your Children
by Mark Batterson.
This book has 103 pages and you can read it in one afternoon.

It is full of good advice,
powerful scripture and the importance of prayer
 for our children.
He talks specifically about 
praying scriptures tailoured to your specific child,
praying Truth and God's promises over them throughout life.

One of my favourite ideas 
was a prayer journal Mark and his wife had for each of his kids.
For both my babies as soon as we found out
we were pregnant I bought a journal
and wrote in it.
For Claire I stopped at her first birthday.
It was filled with my thoughts about my pregnancy,
my journey of them growing inside me and their first year.
In it I confessed my fears of shortcomings, of parenthood,
of the excitement and wonder and it also included many prayers over them.

I think I will dig Claire's journal out again
 and continue to fill it with the prayers I have for her,
and document how they've been answered, throughout her life.
Perhaps when my kids leave home, or become parents themselves,
I will pass it on to them and they can see how their mom and dad prayed over them.
Jane has one too but I won't be stopping on her first birthday.

The other piece Spencer and I 
adopted into our family
is the idea of picking scriptures to pray over our girls.
It was so easy to come up with several for Claire.
I won't share them all here, I feel like it is too personal.
Her name means light, bright or illuminate. 
We have discussed on several occasions how
her name meaning has carried into her personality.
She brings light wherever she goes with her infectious personality.
Everyone who meets her comments on her larger than life persona.
We have been praying since she was a baby that she would be a light.
Naturally the verse that came to mind is about being a light on a hill.
Before we gathered verses we prayed over and about our girls.
Their unique personalities and what God wants us to pray over them.

If you are like me,
you have a stack of parenting books on your nightstand.
The last thing you need is another one to add to the tower.
But trust me when I say you need to read this!
You can finish it quickly and start praying circles around your kids.

If you want a copy for yourself, I will be giving one away!
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I will announce the winner on Monday!

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  1. I want to read this book! I don't really read parenting books, so I guess now is a good time to start:)


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