God's Provision

With Spencer's work he goes in 
for the same hours everyday.
However, his wage fluctuates greatly. 
He can have a packed day with almost every slot filled,
or it can be very slow with only seeing two or three patients.
It is the nature of his job,
and also building clientele. 

Some weeks are better than other in that regard,
but last week was a bit discouraging,
following a busy week.
Today Spencer decided he would pray
and ask for a specific number of people.
This morning he had 4 people in the books for the day.
So last night he prayed for to treat 10 people today,
and again this morning, asking specifically for 10.

Well when he returned to work
he happily reported that there were 10 patients booked in for the day!
God does provide.
This was such a hug from the Lord to us.
We know that in time things will pick up,
and Spencer is still very much a rookie in his field.
Working alongside other doctors that have more years in experience
than he has even been alive. 
His time will come,
and this shows that He does provide!

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