That Time Comes Again

We wait for our 20 week ultrasound 
for baby number 2 in just a week and a half.

My mind has begun to swirling with
thoughts and worries
about this child within me.
Of course,
in the back of every parents mind
there is a healthy concern and hope that
everything is okay.

But here is our chance to have a peak inside,
for the tech and midwives to take measurements
and notes on this little person growing inside
and determine if there is anything wrong.
!0 fingers?
10 toes?
4 chambers in the heart?
Brain forming well?
Kidneys, liver and other organs functioning fine?
No signs of any major disorders?
My heart squeezes tightly when I let myself go to the "what-if",
so for now I will try and push them out,
knowing that if there is a storm ahead,
I will ride the waves while being carried.
Nothing is too big for God.

Please pray for this little nugget growing inside,
and that if there is anything wrong,
that it will be picked up during the ultrasound.

Praying, trusting, waiting...
and praying some more.

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