Punkin Patch

Yesterday was an excellent day.
We lazed around in the morning
(our favourite thing to do when we're all home).
Then we went to the 'punkin patch'.
It was so fun with Claire this year!
We've gone every year since she was born,
but so far this was the best.
She was really into it and loved looking for the perfect pumpkin.

We picked four
(one for each of us and one for our friend Natasha).
and also picked some fresh produce 
including some DELICIOUS apples.

Last night we opened them up,
emptied them out and carved some faces into them.
Claire loved putting the candles in and see them glow on the dark porch.
She also loved blowing out the candles. 

Yesterday Auntie Lori joined us for lunch and tea,
and Natasha came for dinner and pumpkin carving.
The evening ended with cuddles and football.

Remember this ?!

In 2011...


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