Happy Halloween!

Will you be dressing up tonight? 
Or did you go out this weekend? 
No dressing up for Spencer and I this year.
But I am more then happy to dress up
our little butterfly and hand out candy.

Halloween for us has always been a light hearted fun day
of dressing up and collecting candy.
Some families choose to close their doors and shut off the lights,
some go full force and decorate their homes like a haunted house.
Growing up we dressed up,
went trick or treating and ate candy.
Always passing off the Tootsie Rolls to Mom 
and eating an apple after a few treats before bed.
It was always harmless fun.
(Except that time I lit my hair on fire with a candle....)

I plan to do the same here.
Nothing over the top,
but always an open door to the neighborhood kids
if we're able.
I think its a great way to meet the neighbours,
be friendly and be a light.

What is your take on the controversial holiday?
Consider reading this blog for a (perhaps different) perspective.

I cannot believe that this was a year ago!

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