Switching Seasons

As October came to a close 
we spent its last days enjoying the sunshine.

My mom came out for a night,
we made cute little bum cookies with Angela 
for a friends staguette,
dressed up and went trick or treating. 

Relaxing in the morning with her smoothie and orange.

Really fun Halloween mail from grandparents!

Our pink butterfly!

One of the things I love about autumn is the flavours.
I have been cooking with squash lots the past couple of months.
I think this recipe may be the winner so far!

We loved the weather this past month,
didn't you?
Even that week of super creepy fog was pretty cool.

It seemed as soon as October turned into November,
the weather changed too.
It became quite a bit colder,
and darker,
 and almost all the leaves have fallen.
The skies are grey, 
the water is a bit rougher in the harbour,
we have to wear hats and mittens.

Claire and I are happy, we got our red cups!

If you know me, you won't be surprised to hear
the Christmas music has been playing for a while.
You MAY be surprised to hear I managed to wait until September this year.
Christmas has arrived,
whether you like it or not.
So why not jump on board? 
Even our niece-dog Logan is sporting a Christmas sweater!

At our family dinner we each got a present,
the girls' were Christmas themed. 
I was given a red apron that says 
"baby its cold outside".
Claire's Nana made her a very special Christmas blanket.
She knows how much Claire loves to cuddle and be cozy.
We've already logged in some hours under that blanket!

My precious ballerina.
She always finds me to tell me "I did it Mommy!"
I love it.

A chilly beach walk.
I love that picture of Spencer and Jamie.
Mutual admiration.

 The other day Claire joined Uncle Trav and Daddy for a game of football.
She even had her own remote control.
She talked/babbled the whole time.
Highly entertaining. 

November is a jam-packed month,
but we plan to keep December low-key.
Lots of family time and establishing our own Christmas traditions.


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