The Past Week

...or so.

I've been miserable at blogging lately.
Before we left Portland I returned the Canon Rebel to its actual owner, Michelle
and I sure miss it!
The camera on the iPhone is pretty great,
I find I take a lot of photos
(I already got a message once telling me my photo album was full!)
but I certainly am not a good about getting them onto the desktop
and blogging them.

If you are on Facebook or Instagram,
you've probably seen some of these already.
But here they are again!

I kept seeing First Day of School photos,
so I took my own "We're Not In School Yet But We Will Dress Up Anyway!"

At the insurance shop 
getting mommy's car to be Canadian.

 A Costco date with Nana and Vegetable Pho for lunch.
Drinking her own very watered down green tea.

 Site supervisor

On Saturday I had a few girls over for a tea party
and a little bit of Stella and Dot shopping :)

On Sunday myself and two other ladies hosted a baby shower 
for mama-to-be Whitney.
I am so thankful the sun was shining so we could be in the yard
and all of our hard work paid off, it looked beautiful!

Monday marked day 1 of potty training.
The first time she went we had a little party.
Sparklers and a song made this girl feel pretty special.

I have been anticipating autumn like no other. June - December 
is my favourite half of the year,
but September - December is the best in my opinion.
If you know me, or have been reading my blog for a while,
you know this already.
It is always this time of year I get that deep longing to visit New York City.
For now I quench it by watching When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail,
but one day I'd love to go!
(Its on my bucket list to visit in each season.)

this brings me to the next photo -
homemade stew.
Its such comfort food.
I made it with my own veggie stalk
(I boil all the veggie ends and peels instead of composting/garborator)
and it just tastes SO good. 
Threw in some stewing beef and a bunch of veggies,
oh yum.
because I couldn't wait until it was ACTUALLY autumn,
it was a super hot day and I was miserably hot from being over the stove already
(see next photo),
so a hot stew wasn't the best choice for Monday's dinner.

Salsa simmering away. Mmm!

This weekend we are hoping to attend the Homecoming game
for the UBC Thunderbirds football team,
we are having Jessi and Craig over for dinner
and who knows what else it will bring!

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