Get Away

This past weekend we had a last minute get away to our place at Sun Peaks. 

It was a long weekend so we decided to leave on the Thursday and come home Sunday to beat the traffic. Thankfully Spencer's schedule is a bit flexible right now while he is in school still. 

We enjoyed time as our family of 3 the first night. Then Tyler and Lorna joined us (even made us dinner) on Friday. Saturday they left and we went to Sheridan lake to visit Spencer's relatives who have a cabin there. I'd never been to that lake before. I was amazed by its beauty. Their place has a magnificent view over the water. It's a large, but quiet lake. We went out in the boat and slough we saw a few other people out as we'll, it was in no way crowded and very quiet. So peaceful and serene.

Howard and Diane met us there and we all went back to Sun Peaks that evening. We spent lots of time in the hot in, visited the farmers market, played games and read. 

Sunday on he way home we stopped in at Mom and Dads for dinner. They are packing up my childhood home and moving. Surprisingly I feel okay with it. I haven't lived there already for a long time. It will be a good change. 

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