A Two Year Olds Train of Thought

Two years old is SUCH a fun age.
I am really enjoying.
Her imagination is beginning to reach a whole new level
and its highly entertaining.
Sometimes we laugh,
and other times we look at her like an alien invaded her tiny body.
Some things are just bizarre.

Some of my favourite times right now 
are during prayers.
She is just starting to pray on her own,
or I should say with a little encouragement.
One night Spencer was praying with her and
they went through every.single.person
she was thankful for.
Spencer ended it with Amen
and Claire exclaimed,
"Don't forget Curious George!"

Another night we began with 
thanking Jesus for Mommy and Daddy.
Then it went it to being thankful for Mommy's car 
and Daddy's car. 
Often times she will pick a person 
that she thanks Jesus for about 10 times throughout the prayer.
The past few nights its been Uncle Matt.
("Thank you for... Uncle Matt! Thank you for... Nana and Papa...and Uncle Matt!"}
It goes on like for a long time.

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