This week I got a new bike!
I am so excited.
It is a blue and white mountain bike
that I bought from a sweet old German lady Hilde.
Hilde was selling her bike because she got a new one for herself.
This surprised me because of the age she looked,
but I also thought it was incredibly awesome. 

Howard brought over the bike trailer
that Spencer and his brothers rode in as kids themselves.
Spencer also got his dads old bike.
This morning he put a new tire on it,
pumped up the other one,
fixed the gears and attached the trailer.
We went on a family bike ride.

This morning was the highlight of moving here thus far, I think.
I mean that only because it was what I'd daydream about when
I thought about our move.
We rode along the dyke to Westham Island
and visited the herb farm.
We saw donkeys, chickens, a cow
and goats, one of which was just a week old!

(this is a picture of the goat less then a day old from my last visit there)

We shared a cookie,
toured the gardens and bought some tasty produce
which I've put into a salad for tonight. 

Biking through our town
made me so appreciate where I live.
I really missed Vancouver's gorgeous landscape
while living in Portland.
I might be biased,
but its one of the most beautiful places I've been,
especially on a sunny day.

 Potato fields

golden wheat with the coastal mountains in the background

Photo taken on the dyke right by our place.
Gorgeous views.

A magnolia bloomed today on our tree!
A beautiful welcome.

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