It's Friday

It's Friday morning,
Claire and I are still in our pajamas.
I just sat down with my cup of coffee.

Claire is watching cartoons and snacking on pretzel crackers.
She can open the fridge and pantry herself.
She has already had an orange, so I decided this battle isn't worth fighting.

Today I welcome the rain.
I absolutely love summer,
but endless sunny days later I am glad to have an inside day.
Its been a busy...
well, month really.
But especially the last few days.
Claire turned two on Wednesday
so there's been a lot of activity,
late bed times, presents and over stimulation. 

This morning we aren't going to get dressed for a while.
I am going to clean up the kitchen,
catch up on laundry,
clean the bathrooms,
play with Claire, 
read a book,
and make a yummy dinner.
(Any ideas?)

This morning my Bear and I cuddled
under the blankets in my (huge!) bed,
protected from the chilly house.
We watched cartoons and cuddled.
Its my absolute favourite when she climbs in with me and asks,
"Cuddle mommy?"
She climbs all over me,
smothering me in kisses,
smushing her face right into mine.
Resting one leg on my torso, her head on my cheek and two fingers (or a whole fist) in my mouth.

The space is starting to feel like our own.
The belongings and the humans claiming their territory.
Claiming corners, counters and tabletops.
Finding both permanent and temporary homes
(will that plant die there? does this shelf work here? we're not moving that bed again.)
There are still things in boxes, 
clothes and toys strewn about upstairs. 
Piles of items downstairs.
We will wait for the renos to be done before 
we touch those.
The husband worked hard at tidying the garage
and breaking down boxes yesterday.
Soon my car will have its home as well.

We've begun a whole new routine,
a new pattern and way of life.
What does it look like with Nana and Papa in the same town?
What do visits to Abbotsford look like now?
An afternoon? A day? Maybe just dinner this time?
What about Uncle leaving beneath us?
Will he mind the pitter patter and find it endearing? 
Or those two-year-old tantrums?
How about the giggles of glee,
or the stomping of angry feet?
Disney music being played during bath time?
Will we hear him singing along to Under the Sea right alongside us?
We'll figure this all out...

Alright, time to reheat my coffee and go play with my baby.

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  1. Love that you live in the same town. I may cry tears of joy the first time we meet in the aisles of budget foods.


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