Getting Settled

what a whirlwind month this has been!

We moved from Portland to Ladner almost a month ago. 
I can't believe its been a month!
Honestly, I still don't feel settled just yet.
But we did just move into our own place on Saturday,
so we are still living in and out of boxes.
It is starting to get to me.
I just want it to be done,
pictures to be hung and get those boxes outta this place!

The move from Portland to Ladner was smooth.
No border trouble,
we got settled into my in-laws home fairly quickly.
We unpacked what we could,
but it was still a feeling of in-between.
Claire did fairly well adjusting.
The first day back she hugged me on the stairs
and with a sad little voice said,
"Mommy, I wanna go home."
She asked two more times after that,
but since hasn't.
She still often asks for her Portland friends,
but seems okay with my answer that they are still there.

We took 8 days to do some camping
and time up at Sun Peaks.
It was so relaxing.
Spencer got the expected post-semester sickness,
but thankfully was able to keep most of it at bay.
We came back and were able to move into our new place
much sooner then we had anticipated.

So here I am.
Writing this post on my computer desk in my new home.
I love this place.
This house, this community.
Let me paint the picture for you:
My father-in-law, Spencer and his brothers worked on this place
back in 2007.
It is an old house built in the 20's 
that Howard redesigned.
Its gorgeous.
It has the original hardwood floors,
high wainscoting and a view out to the river and harbour.
It has delightful character.

We live in the heart of Ladner,
and the community is wonderful.
Its a sleepy little fishing and farming town
where both of Spencer's grandparents immigrated to from Holland.
Both Diane and Spencer grew up here, graduates from Delta Secondary.
Howard spent most of his growing up in Tsawwassen,
just about 10 minutes away 
We can walk into Ladner Village and 
ride my bike anywhere in Ladner.
Spencer is hoping to ride his bike to work in Tsawwassen as well.
Such a charming and homey little place
and we are excited that this is where we will be raising our kids.

I think that's enough of an update for now.
when those boxes get unpacked,
I will post some photos. 

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