Music Day

Today is music day!
One of my favourite days of the week.
Claire and I signed up for Music Together's program
and wow is it ever amazing.
It is so engaging and educational.
We go with our friends Marissa and Miss L.

For some reason, 
all the other kids love to sit on their mommies laps
while they sing and play instruments,
and dance around the rooms with them.
Not our kids.
Claire and Miss L
are running/crawling around the room
giggling and laughing.
They love to go right up and sit with the teacher,
even other moms and their kids.
But not us.
Crazy kids.

It is so much for for me to watch Claire.
She is SO happy pretty much the entire time.
Each week I feel like I could cry I am so happy watching her.
She is just so in her element.
Some of the other parents 
(namely one)
are annoyed by her.
With her personality,
I feel like she might struggle with this.
She is such a bright and shining star,
her name means bright and illuminate.
And that she does.
I hope she doesn't let others negative energies dull that.

We're off to bang drums, shake some shakers and sing our hearts out!

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  1. Have fun and I too pray no one will ever take Claire's sparkle and love of music and life away.


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