Takin' It Easy

Yesterday I came down with something awful
and spent the day in my pajamas, lying on the couch.
This morning my poor little Claire Bear has come down with the same thing.
The washing machine has been going non-stop 
and I made a run to Fred Meyer for disposable diapers
(because doing cloth in these situations is NOT fun)
and more Clorox wipes.

Keep us in your prayers today
and hopefully hers is just a one day thing too!
Is it sad to say that I do love how cuddly she is when she's sick?
I have heard other mom's say it too
so I don't feel too awful admitting that.
We've logged in an hour (or two)
watching episodes of Curious George on Netflix
and snuggling on the couch.
Even though the sun is shining beautifully outside
I am going to just enjoy it streaming in through the windows today.

On another note:
I have been giving a lot of thought to Claire's new bedroom when we move!
It's fun to dream about it anyway.
I've come up with two ideas:

1) Girly with a modern twist:

dark green, black and cream polka dots with a touch of gold.

Something a little more eclectic:

 Or neutrals with a soft pink,
super girly:

For Claire's nursery,
we stuck to a fairly gender neutral theme.
We didn't do anything pink.
(Partly because I thought 'what if' it really wasn't a girl?)
It was kind of a circus theme,
I wanted the colours to be vintage bright,
and a very cheery and happy space.
I think it was a success.

now that she's (too) quickly growing into a little
girl I want her personal space to be a peaceful sanctuary for her.
Hopefully in our new place she will have a separate playroom
that can be that fun, bright and cheery space.

{ Which room do you like best? }

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