Okay, wait...what?!

Hold the phone.
Pardon me?
Hang on just ONE SECOND.

Where did the last three years go?

The other day I came home with a box full of pretty flowers
and fresh herbs to transfer into pots
for our quaint little patio.
Because nothing really makes a home
feel quite like, well, a home
as flowers and plants.

When Spencer got home 
I asked, "Did you see what I did today?" 
gesturing to the lovely display outside.
He looked at me puzzled and said 
(something along the lines of),
"Why did you do that? We only have 6 weeks left."

It actually stopped me in my tracks.
I wanted to say,
"No! We don't, another year at least."
But instead I... well I'm not totally sure what I did.
I think I just stopped and thought for a second,
staring at him.
I couldn't actually wrap my mind around it.

I hadn't been counting down because I didn't want to be.
I knew we were getting close.
I knew its the middle of May.
I knew it all was coming down to this.
But 6 weeks?!

6 weeks just sounds so soon.
A month and a half.
It is coming too fast.
Am I ready?
Does it matter if I'm ready?

I kind of feel like I am walking into this
with one of those blindfolds on that you can only see
just underneath where the cloth sits on the bridge of your nose.
You know what I mean?
I have no idea what to expect.
Will I be lonely?
Will I see Spencer less or more?
Will I keep in touch as I plan to?

When we came here I was blissfully unaware
of the road that was before me.
And here I am,
now on the other side of it,
and I feel the exact same way.

Six weeks.

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