Smid Christmas

Spencer, Claire and I spent Christmas Day
and the few days before at Sun Peaks with the family.
Unfortunately, we only overlapped with Tyler and Lorna for less then 24 hours,
but we thoroughly enjoyed the time we had together. 

There was skiing with the 3 brothers,
gift opening, 
amazing Indian food for dinner,
reading of the Christmas story,
Christmas Vacation watching,
Logan cuddling
and dance parties. 

Claire tried tobogganing,
we made snow angels and went on walks.
It looked absolutely stunning with all the sparkly snow.
I tried to capture the glitter with my camera and of course failed.
That is something to enjoy in the moment.

Mexican hat dance

I think its safe to say that C-Bear consumed her fair share and more of chocolate over Christmas

 Really, not a bad view. I got used to waking up to it each morning and after each nap. 

This photo is borrowed from Diane's blog.
Tyler gave these lovely gifts for Christmas. 
Lollipops with insects in them
(though he was kind enough to give me a tasty flavour, no bug.)
Included was a box of Jelly Bellies.
For each colour of jelly bean, there were two flavours. One good and one bad.
For instance, chocolate pudding or dog food.
Black licorice or skunk spray.
Pear juice or vomit.
Travis and I played our own version of Russian Roulet.
We'd place two jelly beans of the same colour on the table, 
each pick one and see who got the good flavour and who got the bad one!
We made it almost all the way through the whole box,
but after weighing the odds (there were WAY more bad beans then good ones!)
we called it quits with tummy aches.
As silly as it sounds, it was actually pretty fun.
This is about as daring as I get...

Christmas Eve, Travis read Twas the Night Before Christmas by Marcus Tidmarsh.

For Christmas Howard was given the Lego Unimog from Diane. 
He and Spencer had fun putting it together.
I think he said it was about 11 or 12 hours all together.
Here Claire learned how to turn the cranks and knobs.

The above three photos were from Diane's blog.
I had two cameras at the cabin,
but I am unable to put the photos from my small camera on the computer yet.
I will add my own once I can. 

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  1. I feel like I was a part of Smid Christmas <3 Glad you all have such fun together and get to escape to your snowy retreat each year!


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