Heinemann Christmas

Each year Spencer and I take turns spending Christmas Day with our families.
This year we celebrated Christmas on December 29th,
also our five year anniversary. 
It was actually a three in one celebration, 
because we celebrated my birthday as well!

We spent a four days in Abbotsford,
visiting with family and friends.
Its really nice when we can see people all at once,
it is hard to take Claire from place to place.
We all get grumpy and tired.

Spencer and I feel so blessed for the relationship
we have with both of our parents.
Every three months we go home
and live with both sets of parents for a few days,
and they always welcome us with open arms.

Claire sharing ice cream with "Baba".

 The only present I  ever need...

Claire watching Muppets on YouTube while eating breakfast.

Mom and Dad's tree. Its so beautiful!

Celebrating Angela's champagne birthday - 28 on the 28th!

Claire in her Christmas dress.

A sweet moment between Great Grandma and Claire.
She brought a little yogurt from home, just to share it with Claire.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle!"

 Every time we visit Dad gets Claire to mimic something.
This time it was throwing her head back in laughter.

Oh, and Elmo on YouTube.
Really, she has an obsession.
iPads, phones, computers its a relentless "Elmo? Elmo? Elmo? Elmo?" until you give in.

Celebrating my birthday with the family.
I don't particularly like cake all that much
(its not worth the calories),
and I think everyone is getting tired of DQ ice cream cakes
(I can't imagine that myself)
so this year I requested Sex In A Pan, or Sin In A Tin.

Each year Spencer and I share our anniversary with our family,
and its really to be expected considering the time of year we got married.
We celebrated a day later by going out to dinner
at our favourite Abbotsford restaurant, the Greek Islands. 
We went there quite a few time while dating,
even on that evening we were recalling the different tables we'd sat at in the past.
Fun memories.
One day we hope to spend our anniversary by going to New York City the week after Christmas,
and maybe for New Years Eve.

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