And Finally...

One last stop in Ladner before heading back home...
We were there just briefly both times.
We spent a night there 
(in Howard and Diane's new home, Howard's amazing work once again.)
while attending Christmas dinner with the Smids at Pake and Grandma's.
Then again over New Years,
we had babysitters so Spencer and I rang in 2013 with some dear friends.

Here are the last of the photos before we went back home.
I don't have any pictures of the Smid dinner,
getting together with my grandma and aunts,
or our New Years Eve.
Sometimes, its nice to just to enjoy the company and not worry about taking pictures.

It is strange to think that there won't be too many times more of us visiting
before we are back there living. 
6 or 7 more months and this grand adventure is over for us.

Before we left Abbotsford, on our way to Ladner,
we went to Yarrow to visit the cows!
Jessi's fiance Craig grew up on a Dairy Farm.
We went to his parents place to help Jessi with some invitations
and visit the baby cows, the mama cows and even a couple daddy cows.
The view from their house is gorgeous.
It is a beautiful part of the world.
The cows were so sweet.
I love the feel of their tongues as they suck your fingers.
Claire didn't like it too much.She loved to look, but not touch.
I took off one of her socks and she got a lick on her foot,
but she didn't like it very much!

Not much more traveling Claire...
notice the Ritz balanced on her knee?

 One last cup of tea with Super Pake and Great Grandma before heading home...

 Oh, and of course watching Elmo.
Some time soon I will post a video,
this day she was singing right along including the "seeeeeee" high pitched for the letter 'c' at the end of the ABC song. 
It is the sweetest thing you'll ever hear, I promise.

Don't forget Uncle Travis,
I know you can watch Elmo on your phone!

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