Thanksgiving and Beyond...

Here I am once again playing catch up.
In my defence, it has been a rough couple of weeks,
and blogging has taken a very, very back seat.
That, and our computer died. 
So I haven't had a computer to blog on.
Thanks to Diane for letting me use her lap top,
and thanks to Howard for giving us his old computer tower!
we hope to be up and running in the New Year.

Here are some photos from the last month, hopefully this will catch you up!

We came up to Canada for American Thanksgiving and spent time
at both of our parents' houses. 
Here, Claire is at my parents house.
We were having lunch with my grandparents and she was eating leftover spaghetti.
Clearly a big fan!

Here is Claire with her Auntie Lindsay at Papa and Nana's house.
Our family celebrated American Thanksgiving this year, 
since we couldn't all be together for Canadian Thanksgiving.

 Claire sharing Logan's bed.
 Our doctor's office had a Christmas open house and Santa was there!
We brought our friend Maddie to go and tell him what was on our wishlist year.
Good health, joy and peace on Earth of course.

The girls were each given a goody bag from Santa to take home,
Claire had her first candy cane.

Cuddles with Daddy.
Probably watching football or Sesame Street.

On December 8th Spencer and I were moving a piece of furniture.
Long story short, he hit his face pretty hard on it and had to go get stitches.
He wounds are healing really well, and he had a wicked black eye that has yet to disappear fully.
So so thankful for insurance as his three stitches would have cost us $400! Wow.

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