Watching Over Us

Today I feel emotional.
Not in a bad, once-a-month kind of way.
Just so blessed, and so thankful.

My friends are amazing.
Sometimes, okay all the time,
it is tough to reach out and speak the truth about how 
we are really doing.
But lately, I have been doing that a little more.
If someone asks,
"How are you doing?"
And the word "fine" or "good"
actually doesn't accurately portray how I am
really doing,
I will try to tell the truth.

Today I wrote this kind of candid reply
to a few friends in a Facebook message.
It was tough, but I put myself out there
and told the truth.
In response I received an outpouring of encouraging
words and promises of prayers that left me in tears.
Not long after
(and I do believe this was the Lord's timing, not coincidence)
a dear friend and I were texting and
she asked me about this very specific instance.
Not only had she remembered what I shared with her,
but she was checking in with me.
She is a prayer warrior,
and a woman of God who often provides 
me with nuggets of wisdom and reminders of 
how BIG our God is.

I am so thankful for
these women in my life 
who are there for me.
Even when its scary to tell the truth.
Ask for prayer.
Be vulnerable and transparent.

Being filled with the knowledge that
God is in charge of our lives,
not to worry about tomorrow,
knowing He has a plan for us,
doesn't always give me the peace that it should.
I know these things,
but sometimes I don't feel them.
That is my fault.
All I need to do is look
around and see so many instances
where this is true. 
Today I am filled with that peace,
and the understanding.
He is Lord over my life,
and yours,
whether or not you believe it.

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