After a weekend with Spencer home,
Claire and I like to spend Monday morning relaxing and slowly getting 
back into routine.
We don't get out of our pajamas until we have to.
I think you'd be impressed with how much
can be accomplished while in pajamas!
Mondays we like to keep low key post weekend,
and Tuesdays are busy with my moms group.
I think its important for little ones 
(and their mamas) to have at home days too.

Our little skeleton sporting her new pajamas.
I think every chiropractor's kid should have skeleton pajamas!

Part of this weekend I spent crafting.
Once in a while I dig out the supplies and make a big mess. 
I have been working away on a few different projects with my crochet hook and yarn.

I also bought some felt and made Claire
her own Christmas tree that she can decorate,
and re-decorate to her hearts content!
(Thanks Pinterest for another inspiration!)

My last post I shared that we 
went to Mt. Hood to play in the snow.
Sunday Claire had a runny nose and cough
(not again!)
so we decided not to go to church
since the nursery workers prefer not to spread those yucky germs.
Instead we had breakfast with friends.

What was your weekend like?
What are you Mondays spent doing?
Back to work?
Weekend recovery?


  1. I hear you with the runny nose/cough thing. We missed church for the same reason & I feel like it's a few weeks on & a week off due to a cold. Hopefully it just means their little immune systems will be super strong when they're older!

  2. Im having a coffee and Im wrapped in a warm blanket. Emma is still sleeping and Amy found her ipad(which we HAD taken away) oh well.
    Its rainy and cold, and Im about to make some very -not clean- brownies for a family get together tonight.
    The skeleton pajamas are critical in any chiropractors daughters wardrobe.I love them Claire.
    xox have a beautiful monday friend.


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