Not Just Yet

right now I'd rather be reading them then writing them.
Yesterday a nasty head cold fell upon me.
I had yet to have my turn (except for a small cough I had a couple weeks ago).
And now, here it is.
An entire box of Puffs with Lotion in 24 hours,
tablets of Tylenol Cold, water, tea and more water.
So thankful for my dear friend who came and rescued my baby for a couple of hours
so that I could try and sleep it off. 

There are plenty of pictures on my camera
that need to be transferred to the computer. 
Including one of Claire and her 'boyfriend' James in a baby swing together.
A really sweet moment at the park Tuesday.

For now here is one of Claire walking -
yes, walking as of the 21st!

We have an exciting weekend ahead of us.
My parents are coming down to watch Claire
while Spencer and I head to the Gorge outdoor ampitheater
to watch Dave Mattews Band.
Spencer, and then in turn I, have been
wanting to see them for a very long time.
Spencer is a big fan of theirs,
and we are both really excited to go.
It is also our first night away for Claire! 
I am confident that she will be more then fine,
she's in very capable hands, and not just any hands,
Grandpa and Grandma's! 
But it will be harder for us I think, 
I have never been away from Claire for more then 3 hours (at the most)
at one time. 

Excited to share our weekend with you,
and the photos that are waiting to be uploaded.

{What are you up to this weekend?}

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