Today I visited the farm down the street and purchased some
yummy, local produce to can.
The plan was to do it all tomorrow,
but I was too excited I had to start today!

Once I began washing, peeling, cutting it all
I remembered how much TIME is involved. 
Hours of labor (of love!) go into it.
On the menu this weekend are jars of hearty tomato sauce, 
chalk full of fresh parsley, basil, onion, garlic and of course cherry tomatoes! 
All local and fresh, mmm.

Look at all that cilantro! 
Tomorrow morning will be the salsa.
8 bunches of fresh cilantro, no such thing as too much!
Walla Walla Sweet Onions are in season and I am sure will just add
to this chunky jalapeno salsa.

I am so thankful that my mom taught me to can many years ago.
It was always something I loved doing with her.
In fact, I chose my camp name 'Mason' after our hobby when I was on staff.
The sweet smell of the plump berries (the blue variety from the backyard!),
watching the pectin melt into the fruit,
the slight chaos as your creation comes to a roaring boil.
Timing is everything. don't let it burn!
Don't let it boil over!
Then the satisfaction of hearing the lids "pop!" one by one,
then enjoying the tasty treats afterward.
A delicious reward.

Finally, after all the yummy sauces are done, I will peel and can the left over tomatoes 
for chilis and stews this winter. 
Once the apples and pears are in, I plan on making apples and pear sauce too.

Do you can? What is your favourite thing to can?

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