Labor Day Weekend

Ah, September!
I welcome you with open arms.
This begins the beginning of my favourite season.
September 1st to January 1st.
It is all merry festivities from here on out.
From Pumpkin Patches to Christmas tree farms,
I love everything about this 
orange-leaves-twinkle-lights-apple-cider-short-days-all-is-merry-and-bright season.

This long weekend was fantastic.
Saturday morning my parents arrived from Canada
to come and have their first no-parents sleepover with Claire.
I am so thankful that it went so well with them.
Although she was good, she is high energy and a constant mover,
I think they were pretty tired by the time we got home.

Where were Spencer and I you ask?
Well we had the priviledge of crossing something off Spencer's bucket list.
We drove to the Gorge Ampitheater in Washington
to watch the Dave Matthews Band.
Words cannot describe the experience.
Amazing venue, what a beautiful backdrop.
And the band, well they are a bunch of very talented musicians.
It was so much fun to watch them perform.
It wasn't flashy, Dave didn't tell a bunch of stories.
They just played, jammed, and looked like they
were having so much fun for three and a half hours!
And I was so thankful they finished the night off with "Ants Marching".
It was epic really.
(And I don't mean to use it in the overused way most people do, it really was epic.)

Sunday we slept in,
ohhhh that was nice.
Then we made our way back.
Really, that drive felt so.freaking.long.
By this point I missed Claire so bad my heart was aching. 
We went in the pool, had dinner, then enjoyed a quiet evening just the three of us.

Today is a few errands.
more conversation about the concert.
"Remember this part in that song."
Enjoying the cooler weather (I love you September!)
and Spencer and I are going to see 'Campaign' later this afternoon.
A pretty perfect weekend.

What do you do Labor Day weekend?
One last camping trip?
A certain tradition or family vacation?
Just relax before school starts?
Funny story: My dad told us that growing up his family had to yard work on Labor Day. A big clean up at the end of summer. My Grandpa told them that is why it is called Labor Day. 
Well played Grandpa, well played.

{Photo via Google Images}

The Gorge Ampitheater.
The picture doesn't do it justice really.

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