a cotton candy sky tonight.

Highlights from this weekend were:

- star gazing with Uncle Paul (I saw a whole other galaxy!)
- canoeing on the lake with Diane
- taking a dip in the river with cousins
- seeing all the kids play together
- only minor injuries occured
- bubbles, guns, glow sticks and water balloons
- 38 out of the potential 44 were all together this weekend, the first time since Papa's funeral over a year and a half ago. It was SO great to all be together for a weekend. 
- the little visits with Jessi, Angela and my parents that sandwiched the trip perfectly.
- topping off the weekend with the news of my best friend Jessi's engagement to Craig!

It was a lot of driving for the weekend, but so worth it.
A great way to start wrapping up the summer...

This weekend is busy for us.
Spencer has midterms,
I will be doing mountains of laundry,
and my aunt, uncle and cousins are coming to town this week
so we will be spending some time with them as well.

What are you up to?

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