Pretty Face

Sometimes I look at her
and I feel so overwhelmed by how much I love her.
It really is amazing the ability we have to love each other.
The love I have for her is so great,
and the love I have for her daddy is so big too.
Yet they are such different feelings.

Have you heard this before?
'I never knew who much I loved your daddy until I saw how much he loved you.'

Sometimes when we are having fun together,
or she is peaceful and quiet,
this intense happiness flows out of me
and I can't help but kiss her.

And now, I see this happening to her as well.
Sometimes she is smiling so big
 and giggling, she just takes my face and gives me the biggest kiss on the lips.
Oh it makes my heart so full of joy
to see the same love pouring out of her!

She has grown and changed so much in the last week.
A little girl.
The baby-ness of her is fading away.
Even those chubby legs.
Her vocabulary is increasing and her mannerisms
seem so grown up.
Even her facial features depict
that more of a toddler then baby.

This little girl has my heart.
I can't get enough of her.

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