And He's Off

{photo by Natalie Rutherford, via Travis' facebook page}

Early this morning Travis
and a group of people from our home church
left for Cambodia.

This team has been working long and hard
preparing for this trip in several ways.
They have been working so hard and have become a tightly knit group of individuals,
ranging in ages from 17 to mid-80's.
A wide variety of personalities as well. 

In the last months we have seen
Travis grow spiritually.
He has challenged Spencer and I along his way in our own walk with Christ.
It is amazing to see that ripple effect in someone's life. 
God working through Travis to change lives,
and that is before he has even left for the missions trip!

Please pray alongside us for the team,
safety of course is an obvious request.
For changed hearts for the team and 
for those they encounter.

We are looking forward to seeing the trip through Travis' photos when he returns.

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